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Short update from the office: We're already working hard behind the scenes and we want to give you a brief insight into what exactly we're currently doing:

We are currently working on the program for the upcoming Bulli Summer Festival and are reviewing this year's changes. In addition, we have of course taken your wishes to heart and are currently working intensively on making a new sector possible for you next year and thus offering even more great people from our community a place on our festival grounds.

Depending on this, further decisions/changes regarding the current areas of the summer camp, such as the establishment of a “family sector” - this was also a point that you gave us as feedback and we are in the process of finding a solution here too – but still requires some discussions and negotiations with the authorities and co.

We hope to get clarity here as quickly as possible and will then inform you immediately about the changes and the exact time of the presale start!

Until then, follow diligently and don't miss anything!

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