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We hope you all had a good start into the new year and have some bombastic news for you: The Bulli Summer Festival is now a proud partner of Viva Con Agua!

As you already know, sustainability is very important to us. We always try to make our festivals as ecological and social as possible. In 2021, for example, we introduced an important building block with our “Flush Bar” and were able to reduce waste consumption on our site by around 50%. Of course, we are always trying to take further steps towards sustainability.

So the integration of Viva Con Agua water seemed to us to be the next logical step.

But who or what is actually Viva con Agua?
VIVA CON AGUA DE SANKT PAULI is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that everyone around the world has access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation #waterisahumanright ! That is why he promotes water projects and campaigns at home and abroad, using music, art and sport as universal languages. The aim is to sensitize people worldwide to clean drinking water and to generate donations.

In the future it will be LOUD (and QUIET) at the Bulli Summer Festival. With every bottle of water you buy from us at the festival, you are doing something good. Viva con Agua receives a fixed license fee (between 5,5 and 9 cents) from the manufacturers for each bottle sold, which helps them to achieve the goal of WATER FOR EVERYONE.

Drinking (water) more often has never made more sense. So, how about a meaningful and easy-to-implement New Year's resolution? In this sense: Cheers!

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