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The topic of sustainability is currently on everyone's lips and that's a good thing! We are convinced that the topics of events and the environment do not have to be mutually exclusive.
Therefore, we want to show you some of the measures that we as the organizer are implementing in order to implement the Bulli Summer Festival with the lowest possible ecological footprint.

  • We offset the Co2 print of all vehicles from the summer camp through our partner Atmosfair .
  • All advertising material is printed on “blue angel paper” with eco-colors, banners are printed on recycled canvas.
  • No plastic! We prohibit disposable tableware and giveaways made of plastic.
  • We use for that  mobile sanitary facilities use a new type of vacuum technology that saves 90% water.
  • We will send banners that are no longer needed after the event to TRSHBG. These then make garbage bags from the fabrics. All caterers and restaurateurs only use compostable cutlery and dishes
  • The festival's crew catering is completely vegetarian.
  • Waste separation: paper / plastic / residual waste. What applies to us at home should also apply   the Bulli Summer Festival work.

With the measures mentioned, we want to help ensure that our beautiful world will continue to exist as it is today for as long as possible. Even if we can't save the world immediately, we know that every contribution counts and of course we hope for your support.

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