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Your Bulli, your summer. Enjoy and live the mobile freedom.

Do you love your Bulli? Chilling out with friends and having a barbecue? Exercise in the fresh air? Then the Bulli Summer Festival is the right place for you! The setting is perfect: sun, lake, good mood, music and lots of "Bulli" await you.

Be active!

Whether on the SUP board, in the canoe or on numerous Do It Yourself actions! Try yourself and discover your next hobby!

eat something!

Forget the charcoal or just don't feel like cooking? No problem. We take care of goodies, solid and liquid! Mhmmmmm ...

Just Chill!

Towel under the arm and off to the lake. Or rather pulled the hat in the face and tucked under the awning?

get the cup!

Our experts of the Show & Shine jury not only select the most beautiful Bullis. Pengpeng & Konfetti also get really crazy concepts!

inform you!

Numerous renowned exhibitors and outfitters are happy to be able to show you the latest trends and developments.

dance wild!

Acoustic, electric, solo, or as a band. We have something for everyone in the program. Or may it be a classic of the turntable?

Location Auesee


Located in the center of the Wesel urban area and on the edge of the city center, the Auesee is a popular destination for the inhabitants of Wesel and the people of the region.

Nestled in the Rheinauepark, the 165 ha large lake offers numerous recreational and recreational opportunities.

A beach with a large sunbathing area, entry points for divers, sailors and surfers as well as an approximately 7 km long circular walk enjoy great popularity.

The illuminated running track is ideal for runs at dusk or in the darker seasons.

Wesel by bike: Wesel's bike tours
Hiking & Pilgrimage: Wesel's hiking trails
Nature experiences: Flora, fauna, habitats



The Auesee can be reached via the motorway A 3, exit Hamminkeln, then via the B 473 in the direction of Wesel on the Reeser Landstraße.

From the exit Wesel the path leads over the Schermbecker Landstraße, Hagerstownstraße and Nordstraße.

From the A 57, exit Wesel you come across the B 58 over the Rhine. In Wesel follow the B8 on the left to the signage.

Address for sat nav

Auesee, 46487 Wesel

Bus & train

Bus & train - travel options

Accommodation options


Wake up and have the beach in front of the sliding door. This is a dream.

If the entire neighborhood then still consists of Bullis and like-minded, then hardly more. Get your Summercamp ticket and stay overnight on the festival grounds.

Summercamp tickets

Grav Island

Europe's second largest campsite is only 8 minutes drive away and 5 cycling minutes from the event site. High camping standard.

To the website

Wesel city

Wesel offers countless AirBnB, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses as overnight accommodations. Our partner Wesel Markting will be pleased to help you finding a suitable accommodation for you.

City information Wesel

Big market 11
46483 Wesel

Telephone02 81 / 2 03 26 22
Fax02 81 / 20 34 99 80



Basically, you should know that the event completely free of charge at a hunt.

All you need is a Summercamp ticket if you stay overnight on the festival grounds and Part of the festival want to be. In the middle of it.

You can stay in bed and bed as you like and visit the event as a day guest in full charge.


Is the festival free?

Yes! We are a free festival without fences, without walls!

Everyone is welcome! Fans of mobile freedom are guaranteed to get their money's worth. Live music and a diverse program on the topic of "Bulli" can be enjoyed without admission controls and entrance fees.

What are the opening hours?

Basically, the following opening hours apply:

Thursday: 10-23 clock
Friday: 10-24 clock
Saturday: 10am - 24pm
Sunday: 10am - 16pm

May I only come with a Volkswagen?

No! Everyone is welcome who celebrates the enthusiasm "Bulli" and the associated lifestyle.

Mobile freedom knows no car brands.

Are sound, photo & video recordings allowed?

For private use such recordings are generally permitted.

Please note, however, that any publication on the Internet or the commercial use of these recordings is a copyright infringement and therefore can be prosecuted.

Please leave the drone at home. Again and again, visitors feel disturbed by it.

Are your own drinks allowed?

For security reasons, we do not ask you to bring your own drinks to the event grounds - subject of glass breakage. Unfortunately, official requirements also apply here.

You will find plenty of opportunities to eat and drink on the event grounds.

Are dogs allowed?

Definitely! Please leash your dog and make sure that it could not pose any danger to anyone.

Please also keep in mind that it can always be a bit louder and very crowded near the stage. You know your dog best.

What about safety & health?

The police and the police are with numerous helpers on the spot and have a watchful eye, in particular to the observance of the protection of minors and the narcotics.

For all medical emergencies, we always have enough paramedics on site. If you need help, please contact the next security!

Is the festival barrier-free?

Basically yes. Showers, toilets, the stage program and all activities and exhibitors are handicap-fair.

Please contact for special questions directly to us.

Are there daily parking spaces?

Yes! Guarded day parking you will find in direct festival proximity.

An overnight stay on the day car park is not possible.

How does it work with the tickets in the summer camp?

You can find all the important information and answers about the summer camp here.

You can find information & answers about the summer camp here.


The answer to your question wasn't there? Then feel free to send us an email.


With a Summercamp ticket, you're right in the middle of it - right on the lake, right at the festival.
Summercamp tickets
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