Something very special.

Are you particularly pretty, particularly loud, particularly deep, particularly ornate, from particularly far away? Especially especially just? Our expert jury is always happy to mingle with the summer camp crowd and is looking for extraordinary models, owners and stories ... Put the beer cold, no one is bribed.

Most beautiful T1

We want to see here vehicles that are used no investments on 4 wheels.

Most beautiful T2

Show us your Bulli and tell us your story with Him. Here, the goosebump factor counts the jury.
We want to see vehicles being used and coming on their own axis.

Most beautiful T3

Show us your Beach Bulli. The prize gets the hottest summer T3 model. Accessories on the roof and maybe a matching pendant will help.

Most beautiful T4

Show us your Beach Bulli. The price gets the hottest summer model. Accessories on the roof and maybe a matching trailer will help.

Most beautiful T5

Who changed his T5 the most? Of course, we only evaluate what the TÜV has let go through and what comes rolled on its own axis.

Most beautiful T6

We are looking for the best tuning version. Loving details like homemade handles, mirrors, etc count.

Most beautiful LT

It's about the best overall appearance. So a mix of interior and exterior. Accessories are important to us.

Jury special trophy

Every year we hear and see incredible things that you have created that do not fit into any category. We hear about Bulli events that want to be told. This is the cup for that. Tell the jury what happened to you or email us what you created that the Bulli community should see.

Most individual vehicle

Have you customized a vehicle for you and your hobby? Then you have a good chance of winning the cup.

Most beautiful California

Show us your hotel California. The vehicle that we find most inviting when viewed through our summer sun glasses wins the race.

Best Bulli Tattoo

Your love gets under your skin? Here wins the most original tattoo.

Best original condition

Here we are actually looking only at the air-cooled T1-T3. Companies and community vehicles like fire brigade, police etc. have good chances.

Longest journey

This category is the classic and needs no further explanation. You come from afar ?, then write us an e-mail, so that we can find you more easily on the site.

Category suggestion?

You have a great idea for a new category? We and our jury are always open for new, even unusual, category proposals! Be creative! We are happy about every suggestion. Thank you!

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