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Keep your eyes open on the road, because these gems will soon be hanging again in Wesel and the surrounding area, reminding us all that something particularly beautiful will happen at the Auesee from September 1st to 4th. We look forward to 1.111 (!!!) registered buses from all over Europe and of course to every guest from the region.

If you would like to use the posters to advertise the Bulli Summer Festival in Wesel among your friends and in your area, simply fill out the form below.

Please tell us your complete address and the required quantity to:

DINA6 flyers
DINA3 posters

We will then send you everything.

The promotion runs until August 10, 2022. See you in a few weeks in Wesel.

We look forward to seeing you!

The action has ended.

Many thanks for the support

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