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Meeting with friends, talking shop, swimming, listening to live music or simply relaxing - the Bulli Summer Festival offers almost limitless opportunities to pass the time in an entertaining and pleasant way. Now you can even live out your creative streak at our Do It Yourself workshops. No master has fallen from the sky yet, but under short, expert guidance, many natural talents have already been discovered! Try it out in our DIY workshops! 

The workshops are of course related to a Bulli: For example, you can make your own key fob, create a dream catcher for your Bulli or paint your camping crockery. Making a tie-dye shirt yourself is also a great memory of the festival -  the possibilities are diverse and colorful - just like the Bulli Summer Festival itself.

It is not necessary to register for the workshops and participation is basically free of charge - only a small contribution to the cost of materials may apply. Great thing right?

Get Tickets here! you can find out more about our workshops.

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