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On August 3rd, Pohlmann will create an even more festival atmosphere in the Allerpark in Wolfsburg. The singer with the black eagle on the guitar is a real highlight for all fans of good live music with his cult program. His shows come quickly and full of energy and then broken down again, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes hopeful. Pohlmann always sees falling and stumbling as part of the plan. “Anyone who wants to learn to swim has to be thirsty,” is one of his mottos.

Our motto is: if you want to be there, you are cordially invited to the Bulli Summer Festival in Wolfsburg. We present you the likeable star for free - an absolute hammer! If you want to arrive with your Bulli, you should keep an eye on our homepage between December 8th and 15th, because then we will start the advance sales for the "Summer Camp 2018". Unfortunately, due to the high demand (and the associated server load), we are not yet able to name the exact pre-sale start.

You notice, the Bulli Summer Festival next year, we are a really fat thing, we look forward to it.

Here you come to the Pohlmann taste:

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