Camping right on the lake! Right at the festival! And a lot of Bullis.

Wake up and have the beach in front of the sliding door. This is a dream. If the entire neighborhood then still consists of Bullis and like-minded, then hardly more. Get your Summercamp ticket and stay overnight on the festival grounds.

Your summercamp experience

Here you are right in the middle, you are part of the festival.

Your Bulli is not only covered in the garage! You and he, you want to get out - enjoy the mobile freedom! You stand directly on the lake, sunrise and sunset in front of the sliding door.

What you get:
  • unique flair & festival feeling
  • Camping directly on the lake
  • You are part of the festival, right in the middle
  • nice and like-minded neighbors
  • exclusive festival bracelet
  • free showers & toilets
  • personal goodie bag on arrival
  • Participation in the Show & Shine competition


Which tickets do I need / need to book?

For each pitch, whether it is occupied by a VW Bulli OR a tent OR a caravan, a driver + vehicle ticket is due. The price also includes the overnight fee for one person (the driver) of this pitch. Each additional person (passenger) sleeping on this pitch will be charged with a passenger ticket.

Each ticket owner also receives free access to the nightly parties and sanitary facilities.

To be as Summer campers everyone gets to expel Driver and everybody passengers a festival bracelet.

Children under 14 years are not charged.

1 example:
I come with my car and my partner + my 13 year old child:

Required tickets:
1x Car + Driver - Ticket
1x Rider Ticket

2 example:
I come with a car and two friends who stay in a tent OR trailer ≤ 3m width.

Required tickets:
1x Car + Driver - Ticket
2x Rider Ticket

3 example:
I come with a car, my partner and my 12 and 15 year old kids who stay in a tent OR trailer larger than 3m and smaller than 6m in width.

Required tickets:
1x Car + Driver - Ticket
1x multi-seat ticket
2x Rider Ticket

Vehicles, trailers or circus tents, larger than 6m, do not come to the yard.

Are awnings and / or trailers allowed?

A Tent OR awning OR trailer (up to max 3m) is OK.

For everything bigger, you need the multi-seat ticket and get what the name says.

Is the ticket price valid for the entire duration of the event?

Yes, the tickets are valid for the entire duration of the festival.

The summer camp is off

Thursday, 3. September 16.00 pm until Sunday, 6. September 16.00 clock


How is the ticket shipping and the issue of festival bracelets running?

After you have ordered the Summercamp tickets and the money has been deposited in our account, the tickets will be sent to you by post.

Upon arrival at your summercamp sector, the cards will then be exchanged for the festival wristband. Best moment! Yay!

Are sanitary facilities available?

We attach great importance to cleanliness and quality. Summer campers have free access to toilets and showers, as well as additional mobile sanitary solutions.

Is there electricity in the summer camp?

There will of course be a rudimentary power supply. It will be enough to charge your phone, laptop or toothbrush. Please leave "power guzzlers" like freezers or elaborate music systems at home.

Please take also approx. 25m long extension cable because we can not guarantee that the nearest power hub will be right on your stand.

We make electricity connections in shape from Schuko and CEE connections ready. Please think so possibly synonymous to a corresponding Adapter!

When can I arrive and leave?

Our check-ins in the respective summercamp sectors are open at the following times:

Thursday 12.00 - 22.00 clock
Friday: 09.00 - 22.00 clock
Saturday: 09.00 - 22.00 clock
Sunday: 09.00 - 16.00 clock

Please note that driving in and out of the summercamp is not possible outside these times.

What about my kids?

All the kids who started the festival, the 13. Year of age have not yet completed, have free admission.

The festival wristband will receive the children on arrival at the Summercamp on site.

Attention: For children we do NOT send tickets in advance of the event.


With a Summercamp ticket, you're right in the middle of it - right on the lake, right at the festival.
Summercamp tickets