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House rules & terms and conditions

House rule

This house rules occurs in the period of 1. - 4. September 2022 in place:

The following rules must be observed when entering the summer camp:

The opening times of the festival are as follows:

Thursday: 10.00 - 23.00 clock
Friday: 10.00 - 24.00 clock
Saturday: 10.00 - 24.00 clock
Sunday: 10.00 - 16.00 clock

Driving and leaving the summer camp is unfortunately not possible outside of the info point times.

  • Unnecessary driving is to be avoided. The maximum speed limit is 10km / h.
  • From 23.00 p.m. or 24.00 a.m. there is complete night’s rest. If the night's rest is not observed, Freiluft GmbH reserves the right to confiscate the relevant light and sound systems and to expel the disturbers from the beach camp. In this case there is no refund of the summer camp fee.
  • Waste must be stored in garbage bags and disposed of in the designated waste collection stations.
  • All guests have to pay attention to order and cleanliness of the pitch and to protect plants and green areas.
  • Barbecuing is allowed between 9.00 clock and 22.00 clock.
  • On the beach camp is strictly prohibited: open fire, the introduction of flammable substances, explosives, etc.
  • Climbing the fence is prohibited as well as wild urination and may result in a referral.
  • The inlet bands are not transferable. When leaving the summer camp prematurely, there are no claims for recovery of payments already made.
  • The stay of summercampers and visitors on the site is at your own risk.
  • Freiluft GmbH assumes no liability for damage and / or accidents caused by third parties.
  • By entering the summer camp, each visitor expressly waives any right to compensation.
  • There may be a temporary power failure. Freiluft GmbH is not liable for any resulting damage resulting from voltage fluctuations and power failures.
  • Trading in products specially purchased or sold for sale is generally prohibited at the Summercamp.
  • Flying over people with drones or other missiles is forbidden by law - and in summercamp anyway.
  • Each sector has a check-in. Here you will receive new garbage bags, general information about the event, as well as program procedures and area plans.

The Freiluft GmbH, Werftbahnstr. 8, 24143 Kiel is the organizer and host of the property and reserves the right to refuse guests who violate the rules of the house, especially those who disturb the peace and quiet of other guests or the general rules of respect for others, social morals and decency Disobey behavior, refer the place.

Terms and conditions

1 Scope & subject matter of the contract
1.1 The Freiluft GmbH, Werftbahnstr. 8, 24143 Kiel, Germany (henceforth called "organizer") is the organizer of the Midsummer Bulli Festival as well as an exhibitor of the respective event's tickets
1.2 The following terms and conditions apply to all promotions of tickets to the event requested by the organizer.
1.3. Deviating terms and conditions do not become part of the contract, unless they are expressly acknowledged by the organizer in writing.

2 contractor
2.1 By purchasing the ticket (s) you have contractual relations with regard to ticket purchase and the event visit (hereinafter also referred to as "tour operator contract") between you and the organizer. Contracting parties to the tour operator contract are therefore you and the organizer. The event and its organization are the responsibility of the organizer to the full extent. Claims or complaints because of the quality or because of the regulations regarding the event, or otherwise due to breaches of duty, which affect the performance of the organizer to judge against the organizer.
2.2 The organizer assumes no responsibility for the incorrect number of ordered tickets or because of the nature of the event. The organizer is not obliged to repay and does not exchange any tickets.

3 conclusion of the contract and the provision of the ticket (s)
3.1 The contract with the Freiluft GmbH for the brokerage of tickets for the selected event comes about the way that you specify the desired event and number or type of tickets in the order menu, accept these terms and conditions and select the desired payment method. Any errors in the order can be corrected before sending your order. Afterwards you send off your order by clicking on the button provided for this purpose and, upon receipt of the order by the organizer, submit your contract offer regarding the agency contract.
3.2 The organizer will send you an order confirmation by e-mail after receipt of your order. Afterwards the order will be processed and the tickets sent in the form of hard tickets by mail. Between the purchase of the tickets and the shipment can be up to 10 working days.

4 prices, payment
4.1 The total ticket price stated in the ticket shop includes the fees that may be charged by third parties as a result of the payment method chosen by you, as well as all payment fees to be borne by you and the legal value added tax.
4.2 Payment can only be made via the payment method specified in the ticket shop
4.3 The total price of your order is due for payment immediately. (Paypal) In the case of the "bank transfer" payment method, the organizer is entitled to withdraw from the event contract after 10 working days, provided that no payment has been received by that date.

5 revocation, withdrawal
5.1 There is no right of withdrawal for the mediated tickets. In principle, they are also excluded from redemption or exchange.
5.2 Any claims due to a repossession of the contract from your point of view must be asserted to the organizer.

6 liability
6.1 The organizer is liable for damages in accordance with the statutory provisions for the injury of life, body or health and for damages under the Product Liability Act.
6.2 The organizer is liable for other damages only under the following conditions:
(a) The organizer is liable according to the legal regulations
(aa) for damages caused by malicious conduct;
(aaa) for damages caused by intent or gross negligence of the legal representatives or officers of the organizer.
(b) The organizer is liable for damages limited to the amount of the foreseeable damage, which typically had to be expected to occur in contracts of this kind
(bb) for damages resulting from a slightly negligent breach of essential contractual obligations;
(bbb) for damages caused by simple vicarious agents of the organizer gross negligence or intentionally without breach of essential contractual obligations.
6.3 An essential contractual obligation in the aforementioned sense is such a duty to be understood by the organizer, which is essential for the achievement of the purpose of the contract or whose fulfillment makes the proper execution of the contract possible and on whose observance the client may regularly rely.
6.4 Incidentally, any liability is excluded.

7 use of the ticket shop
The ticket shop and the associated website are intended for use by you as a buyer of a ticket of the organizer. The use of the ticket shop in another form is prohibited. The ticket shop and the related website enjoy protection under copyright law and other legal provisions.

8 Final Provisions
8.1 The language available for the contract is German.
8.2 jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract is Kiel, provided you are a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public-law special fund.
8.3 The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The application of UN sales law is expressly excluded.


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